anton d.deloy

graphic design
& visual communication

hi, I'm a french graphic designer.
I wish to work in a creative environment with you and for you.


Visual identity and packaging for a french brand of spicy olive oil.

The History :

Once upon a time were two rivals families : olive oil producers and spice and peppers cultivators. Marius and Paloma were both only child in each houses .
They knew their love was impossible, so when they grew up, they ran away from this life that would oppose them forever. And so Marius and Paloma started their journey. They went across France and spent some times in Argentina, Paloma’s country. The two families, crying for their missing children, put their rivalry away to search them without success. When they came back two years after, they hoped that their siblings would have calmed down the wrath that put them apart. Their homecoming was so spectacular that Marius and Paloma could make their engagement public without any fears. People says that during the wedding, the two houses decided to merge their companies. In tribute to their children, they called it “Marius and Paloma”.

Nowadays, they still produce one of the best flavored olive oil, the knowledge of each family creating a quality beyond compare.